Please plan to arrive 15 mins prior to your first visit to allow time to locate us. We are at Higher Spaces in the Alma Complex at UNIT 14 / 663 Victoria St, Abbotsford. The complex is directly across the road from Victoria Gardens Shopping Centre. 

Please note, that Higher Spaces operates out of both UNIT 5 and UNIT 14 in the complex. Your class will be located in UNIT 14. You can see a map of the complex below, as well as some more detailed walking and driving directions. You are welcome to call us on 0412 166 343 if you have any difficulty locating the studio.

The driveway for the building can only be accessed from Victoria Street heading outbound. The driveway is located directly next to the apartments at 659 Victoria St, so drive slowly by there as it can be easy to miss. The driveway is indicated by the P1 on the map.

Make your way to the end of the driveway and turn right into the car park at the bottom. Once you have parked your car, walk towards Unit 5. You will see some stairs to your right – go up to the top of the stairs, until you see Units 6 and 11 on the left. You should also see a small garden on your right.

Continue a few more steps and you will see a small path veering off to the right outside Units 8 & 18. Follow this path and you will find the door for Unit 14 at the end of the path.

Enter the complex via the left side of the Four Larks Café, and follow the steps straight down into the middle of the complex. Once you see Units 8 and 18 on the left hand side (and the small garden in front of you) take the path that leads off to the left. The door for Unit 14 is at the end of this path.