learn to bellydance
at strut studio

11 JULY - 12 SEPTEMBER 2022


Monday 6:30pm

Learn beginner and intermediate Bellydance movements and add exciting new steps to your dance repertoire - all while learning fun combinations to show off your new moves!

The perfect starting point for beginner students looking to uncover the fundamentals of Bellydance, or for experienced Bellydance students looking to take their moves to the next level. Students have the option to attend either in our Melbourne dance studio or online.


Monday 7:30pm

Looking to take your Belly dancing to the next level? Our Bellydance Open course is for you! Through this course, work on intermediate and advanced movements and learn new Bellydance choreography, whether for fun or even performance!

Take a deeper dive into Bellydance, exploring different Bellydance rhythms, sub-genres, props and folkloric dances, and even get a chance to participate in live performances and video projects.


What our students say...